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We've received alerts from followers that somehow inappropriate adult content is showing up when people are looking for our site. We don't yet know what's going on to cause this, but we're trying to figure it out and get it fixed.

One reader let us know that it may show up in your list of blogs you're following with the title "Etsy Giveaways" but the feed is actually coming from "etsyfix"-- when she selected to unfollow that blog, she stopped seeing the notifications from there.

Any further details you can give us are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Block Stacker giveaway (ends 03/05)

Click For Contest
  • Prize:St. Patrick's Day Block Stacker 
  • Prize value: $18 
  • Number of winners:1 
  • Ending date of the giveaway: 03/05/2012 
  • Where it can be won: U.S. only
  •  The prize is 
  • To enter this giveaway, you can:  "Other--please see site for details"

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